Matanglawin October 16, 2015 Full Episode Replay


Matanglawin October 16, 2015 Full Episode Replay

SHOW DESCRIPTION: Matanglawin (Lit. Hawkeye) is a weekly science-environmental educational show hosted by "Philippine's Trivia King" Kuya Kim Atienza, and is geared towards the young and young at heart. Matanglawin takes its audiences on adventures to natural and supernatural worlds to learn about wildlife, science concepts, culture, practical and general knowledge and basically everything under the sun by being “Mapanuri, Mapagmatiyag, Mapangahas! (Inquisitive, Vigilant, Adventurous!)” It is aired on ABS-CBN every Sunday mornings at 10am, with replays daily on Knowledge Channel (available only on Cable and ABS-CBN TVPlus). The show premiered on March 24, 2008 as a late-night program before it was moved to its current time schedule.

As the program title defines, Kuya Kim takes on the vantage point of a Philippine hawk - Mapanuri, Mapagmatiyag, Mapangahas! (Inquisitive, Vigilant, Adventurous!) - as he takes on the role of an explorer in search of new insights, interesting trivia, legends to demystify, the paranormal, endemic and non-endemic plants and animals, beliefs and traditions, different cultural practices and basically everything and anything under the sun.
Kuya Kim's thirst for adventure and information cannot be matched as he overcomes challenges from being lost in jungles and islands to conquering his fear of heights to being bitten by a monitor lizard.

Source: Wikipedia

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