TV PATROL October 17, 2016 Full Episode Replay


TV PATROL October 17, 2016 Full Episode Replay

SHOW DESCRIPTION: TV Patrol is the flagship national network news broadcast of ABS-CBN in the Philippines. It can be heard simultaneously on radio through DZMM Radyo Patrol 630 and its cable channel counterpart DZMM TeleRadyo and its provincial radio stations DYAP Radyo Patrol 765 Palawan (765 kHz), DYAB Radyo Patrol 1512 Cebu (1512 kHz) and DXAB Radyo Patrol 1296 Davao (1296 kHz), with several MOR stations nationwide (MOR 103.1 Baguio, MOR 93.5 Naga, MOR 93.9 Legazpi, MOR 94.3 Tacloban, MOR 98.7 Zamboanga, MOR 91.9 Cagayan de Oro and MOR 95.1 Cotabato). It is also broadcast overseas via ABS-CBN's international brand, The Filipino Channel. It is the longest-running Filipino spoken evening newscast since its inception on March 2, 1987.

Source: Wikipedia

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